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The Aesthetic Collective



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About Us

The Aesthetic Collective is not just another beauty spa, its all things aesthetic under one roof. Our vision is simple, deliver the best aesthetic experience hands down, from the best providers.


Our collection of independent providers have been hand selected and curated through a rigorous selection process. How did we curate the best? We have created the best culture for our providers, to allow them to develop their unique and individualized brand, within our brand, making it a true collective. We motivate by promoting autonomy, thus fostering success. 

Nothing exceptional happens overnight! To make sure this was done perfectly, we have been carefully developing this project and brand for years with one focus in mind. That's with "you" the client in mind and your experience at the aesthetic collective.  From the elegant modern design elements to the available services and amenities, it all comes down to one thing. To make sure your time is unlike anything you have experienced in the past. 



Coming Soon 


Coming Soon 

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